Commonly called the “May rose” for the month it comes into bloom, the Centifolia rose is a perfume flower that has long been a symbol of the Grasse region.








Pruned in February only to grow back more vigorously, the rose bushes make an annual promise that is faithfully kept.
The appearance of the first buds is a season highlight, a sweet reward for the growers’ efforts.
Come April, the blossom-bearing canes are covered in buds that will flower, one after the other, every day throughout the month of May.











The flowers, drenched with fragrance, are picked daily beginning midday.
The harvest lasts four to six weeks, from May to early June, depending on the amount of sunshine.











To preserve the flowers’ freshness and fragrance, they are transported daily to where they will be transformed into absolute for creating Dior perfumes.












The fragrance of the Centifolia rose is exquisite, unmatched, and inimitable.










Our jasmine blooms every night from August to October, encouraged by the region’s hot, humid summers.